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With over 25 years of experience, our trusted mechanics have a wide array of knowledge and skill sets allowing us to identify and resolve any issues with your vehicle in a short amount of time, saving you the time and hassle of going to a garage. We provide a range of services from car servicing to repairs. 

See why we're the preferred choice for local car care. Discover more about the common services we provide on a regular basis:

Car service parts

Vehicle Servicing

Semi-service from £45
Full Service from £80
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Regularly servicing your car is vitally important, as it can be the difference between your car running smoothly and or being hit with an unexpected, expensive repair bill.  Servicing varies per make and model.

Diagnostic equipment

Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostics from £40 

Our highly trained mechanics use  the latest vehicle diagnostic software that enables us dial into your vehicle's computer and pin point what is needed to fix the issue and if required, remove warning lights and trouble codes. Our diagnostic tools enable us to access most vehicle makes and models.

Car Battery Replacement 

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Battery problems are the most common cause of callouts to vehicle recovery services. As it is important for the safety of the driver and passengers, we recommend changing the battery as soon as you get signs of needing a new batter. We can provide you with a fast and affordable solution. 

Cleaning car

Vehicle Valeting

Prices for Valeting from £39

We offer a high standard valeting service to suit your needs, whether you simply require a wash and wax, full interior shampoo, paint restoration, paint protection or polish we can guarantee a high-quality finish. 

Brake & Disk pads replacement

Brake Pads & Disks

Replacement of front brake pads from £39 including parts and labour.

 Replacement of Brake Disks from £89

Brake & Disk pads are essential parts for vehicle safety, if these parts are worn it can greatly increase your braking distance and cause vehicle instability. Our specialised service allows us to replace these parts at your home or workplace. 

Exhaust replacement

Exhaust Replacement & Repairs

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We can replace and repair a wide selection of exhausts for all types of vehicles, so whether you find yourself in need of a new silencer, entire exhaust system, or require an aftermarket exhaust fitment, we can help you.

Stock mechanic image

Mobile Friendly

Not sure what's wrong with your car? Is your car broken down at your home or office? Our fully equipped vans allow us to travel to you whenever it is most convenient with no call out charge within a certain radius. We're based in Redhill but can drive out to you anywhere in the Surrey area. 

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Why is it important to take of your car and to get it regularly serviced

Every car owner is familiar with the wear and tear that naturally occurs over time, leading to frustrating breakdowns at the most inconvenient moments. From squeaky brakes and wobbly steering to overheating engines and mysterious warning lights, these common issues can put a damper on anyone's day and cause unnecessary stress. But don't worry - by working with us, your local mobile car mechanic you can swiftly tackle these challenges in advance with ease.

Imagine a scenario where your car's engine suddenly refuses to roar to life on a chilly morning, or worse, a tire gives out in the middle of a busy highway. These are the moments when having a reliable mobile car mechanic becomes an absolute lifesaver. Our team possess the expertise to diagnose and repair a wide array of problems, whether it's changing a worn-out belt, replacing a faulty alternator, or even mending a damaged transmission. 

With our up-to-date diagnostic tools and years of experience, we can swiftly pinpoint the root cause and get you back on the road in no time. No more waiting in long queues at a distant garage – PNAutos mobile car mechanic should be your go-to, offering convenience, expertise, and a reliable solution for those inevitable car woes.